Here at Jays Boutique and Buddies we are taking out all measures to insure we stay safe from COVID-19 allowing our products to be safely bought from our online store. 

We are not having pick up orders at this time while the COVID-19 is a problem and having postage only in place for the time being.

We use all appropriate measures such as PPE, regularly sanitising all work areas and hands, as well as regularly washing hands.

All wholesales for Jays Boutique and Buddies are also all doing the same to keep all our customers safe in such an uncertain time. 


As these practices are all in place at all times we just want to stress that we are being extra cautious and no longer re-using items such as boxes, packing peanuts, packing paper or bubble wrap for the meantime.


Stay Safe and Be kind.

Enjoy some relaxation knowing we are safe from COVID-19 and have all the appropriate measures in place.